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Rock Springs Campmeeting

200+ years of memories and still going strong...

The Arbor seats approximately 1000

In the early years pine torches were burned outside and candles, lanterns and lamps were used inside the Arbor for lighting. Electricity was introduced in the 1940's. Which means most of our relatives experienced this place without electricity.

History of Campmeeting as taken from

Bethel Methodist Church

200 years

"still under construction"

Early Arbor Construction

1830 Brush arbor built

1831 Part of brush arbor fell

down during campmeeting

1832 Arbor construction started

1833 Rear shed built on and entire

arbor covered with wood


1848 Wood shingles purchased for


1873 Arbor leaked badly. Contract

awarded low bidder to put some

new rafters in place and cover

with boards. Arbor continued to


1890 Old roof taken off, new timbers

put in place and covered with

steel roof. Platform built for


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