Rock Springs Campmeeting

200+ years of memories and still going strong...

Inside these pages you will find the singing groups, our campmeeting language, and a few bits and pieces of history.

Rock Spring Campground 

P.O. Box 204 

Denver, NC 28037


Camp Meeting 2019

July 29- August 11




Camp Meeting 2019 is just around the corner and we hope you are as excited as the trustees.  We look forward to another great spiritual experience for our community.


We want to share the following information about this year’s Camp Meeting.


  • Please see the enclosed schedule for the planned events of this year’s Camp Meeting.  The inside gates will close at 11:00 AM on Monday – July 29th for all services and events.

  • Our Little Singing will be Friday, August 2nd.  If you are interested in sharing your musical talent, contact Van Barker at 704-483-2710. 

  • Enclosed you will find flyers concerning our Gospel Concerts.  Let your home church know of these events.  Help us spread the word by posting a flyer in a neighborhood business.

  • Children’s Fun Day, Kid’s Power Pedal Pull and Rev’ed Up 4-Kids Car and Truck Show will be held on Saturday, August 3rd.  See enclosed flyer with all the details. Volunteers are needed to help!

  • The East Lincoln Historical Society will hold an event on Monday August 5th at the Arbor.  Taner Howard will be speaking.

  • Also, this year we will have a new Camp Meeting Minister, Rev. Billy Towery. Please make him, his wife Karen and their two children, Garrett and Natalie feel welcome as they join our Camp Meeting family. Rev. Jim Tate will be moving to Puett UMC in Dallas, NC.  When you see him out in the community, thank him for his past service.  He will always be part of the family.


The trustees need everyone’s help in the following areas:


  • Jay Sigmon will be operating a golf cart in the evenings from 5:00 – 7:00 PM beginning August 2nd to help the elderly or handicapped get around.  If you need assistance, call Jay at 980-241-1151.

  • As always, no pets of any kind are allowed on the grounds.  We ask that you help us with this request for everyone’s protection.

  • The trustees realize parking is always difficult.  Please be considerate of other people when parking. There is no reserved parking.

  • No bikes or skateboards are allowed on the grounds.

  • All tents must be equipped with an ABC fire extinguisher.

  • Each tent has an electrical plug in front.  These plugs are designed to be plugged in and turned clockwise to the 1:00 position.  Please check the plug at your tent.

  • Tents are designed to use only one breaker or fuse, a maximum of 20 amps/120 volts.  No electric hot water heaters or electric ovens are allowed.  These appliances are fire hazards, and they overload the campground’s electrical system.

  • Please clean out your tent and the area around your tent before Camp Meeting.  After Camp Meeting, remove all straw from your tent and haul it off the Campground property. If you don’t plan on attending this year’s Camp Meeting, let one of the trustees know and we will help find someone to rent your tent.

  • A professional lawn care service mows the arbor area. There is no need for individuals to mow behind the tents on the inside row, arbor side.

  • We also ask that no new trees be planted in the Arbor area.

  • We have installed a sprinkler system in the arbor area.  Please do not park between the inside gravel road and the arbor. This keeps the sprinkler heads from being damaged.

  • Tent rent and utilities will be $125.00 for 2019. Please mark the tent # you are paying for on your check. Please send us a contact phone number when paying your rent this year.  We need to update our files.

  • We also ask everyone to remove the battery out of your smoke detectors after Camp Meeting.  When the batteries get weak, they begin to chirp.  The noise is distracting during events held at other times of the year.

  • We are asking all tent owners to change out their bulbs to LED’s or CFL’s by 2020.  These are more energy efficient and do not put off as much heat.

  • Water and power will be on by June 29.



  • The trustees want to thank everyone for their help during the year to get ready for Camp Meeting.  We have lots of people come out and contribute in so many ways.  We also ask for everyone’s prayers for a successful Camp Meeting. To God be the glory in all we do at this year’s session.


  • Sincerely,


  • The Trustees